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Sarah Grace, CEO

After watching my mother lose her battle with cancer, I was convinced there was a better way to fight and treat the disease. I have dedicated my time and energy to reading, researching, and educating myself on how best to prevent cancer, as well as, how to treat it naturally. With a background in health and fitness, and years of experience in nutrition coaching, it was relatively easy for me to understand and embrace these principles. I am passionate and dedicated to educating and supporting others as they work to overcome cancer. 

Travis Stephenson
Marketing Director

Travis is an online marketing business owner. With almost 10 years in the digital marketing space, he has been able to help customers get their products and messages out to thousands of people around the world. As husband to Sarah Grace he shares in her passion to help support those battling cancer, and is dedicated to getting the message of The Grace Foundation out to the world. 

Kristen Kimball, Director

Kristen is passionate about serving and empowering others, whether in her local community or an opportunity overseas, and loves to use food, photography, and running as a means to connect with others and tell their stories.  . As a lifelong long distance runner, mother of 4 and a former lover of junk food and quick fix medications, she shares in our mission to educate and inspire others to take responsibility for their own health and happiness. Kristen was daughter in law to Shelley Kimball and supported her during her battle with cancer.

Sara Madison Kimball, Social Media

Former public school teacher turned full time homeschooler of three, Sara Madison has a passion for education and helping others reach their full potential. She was also daughter in law to Shelley Kimball, and witnessed her struggle. She works administratively with The Grace Foundation and shares in our mission to help support and change lives.  

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