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Our mission at The Grace Foundation​ is to raise awareness within  the community of the fact that cancer is not decreasing. It is in fact increasing and there are things we can do on a daily basis to prevent this. We do not need to spend more money on cancer "research", experimental drug trials, and forms of treatment that have been failing cancer patients since the early 1900's.  We need to turn our focus on prevention and alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation as a means to decrease our current cancer statistics. 

It is our goal to provide resources such as books, websites, documentaries, published studies, and recommendations to health practitioners that are treating patients with cancer successfully. With the network of practitioners that we have developed we can offer guidance to people looking to find treatment for their cancer outside of conventional medicine. Through our efforts to raise funds and with the support of our followers, we will sponsor and help those that are in need of treatment but cannot afford it, if they have made the decision to seek natural and alternative therapies.

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